Literacy Narrative, Part 3

Due: 3/17

Return to your alphabetic narrative and revise, taking into account the further thinking you did as you created your comic. You can (and probably should) really rethink, rearrange, and reenvision the literacy narrative — rather than merely replacing words with other words. You should have a much clearer sense of the ideas or tensions in your literacy narrative now, after having drafted an alphabetic narrative and then a comic narrative, so go back and write it as an essay.


Publish the new version of your literacy narrative as a page on your site. Then publish a reflective post that links to that page and answers the following questions:

  • How has the entire literacy narrative project helped you to meet the Learning Outcomes for this class?
  • How was it to return to the alphabetic literacy narrative after having created your comic? How did you think differently after having worked in the visual medium and now returning to a text narrative?
  • How do you see the story you are trying to tell in different terms now? Was your analytical thinking process any different?

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