The Secret Language of Comics

Peking Impression

It’s been a while since I left Beijing – a city where I spent my childhood and the most golden of autumns in Chaoyang. However, I’m intimately connected to the city when meeting its people, viewing it in media, or just recollecting my own memories. Therefore, I would like to display my impression of “Peking” (not the real Beijing city at this moment, but the “elsewhere” I once know of.)

  1. First Coronation – My Kindergarten always plan trips to walk around the Forbidden City, a place people used to say to call “a wonder”; I used to believe they were dramatizing because it looked like “just a usual bigger house”. Yet now I know it really was a wonder, not only because it’s “bigger”, but due to what it symbolizes for this nation over hundreds of years of imperial power’s reign up to this point.
  2. Er Huang + Peony Pavilion – One Peking Opera and one of the genre’s best modern abstractions.
  3. 4,5,6, – No comment.
  4. Some of the city’s rock stars in the 80’s and 90’s are the best, many of whose works were performed in Tian’anmen Square, invoking great popularity.
  5. The best adagio in the history of humankind expresses my wish for it to remain peaceful and preserve its colors in this chaotic time.

Mr. Forest II

Forest Gump movie poster

After eliminating choices of The Grand Budapest Hotel and Wong Kar Wai due to technical difficulties, I thought I might want to be Mr. Forest Gump – not only because my shirt and Emory’s greenery fit like a forest, I wish I could be like him in the last month as well as the upcoming busy summer – positive, productive and not to let overthinking take over actions.

I intentionally preserved all signs of the times – Emory mask, Emory handbag, and my daily clothing, partially because I want to embody Forest’s spirit in myself. However, I imitated the prime characteristics of the poster – the sitting posture, wooden bench, and a head curiously looking left to the bus (future?). The biggest difference – which I realized while taking the picture – is poster is simplistic with a white background, but my picture had to include some sort of background due to technical difficulties; yet I like this fact because my positivity and productivity are closely related to the environment surrounding me – I’m a product of my environment and vice versa.

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