The Secret Language of Comics

Three’s a crowd

Single-hole punchers have always looked like some type of animal to me. The side responsible for punching the holes makes a perfect mouth and the little screw where the 2 sides connect makes a great eye. Coming up with an idea for this assignment wasn’t difficult because I simply had to decide which animal a hole punch reminds me of most, and today, that animal was a snake. More specifically, I was imagining a snake with one head and two tails. Snakes like this don’t actually exist in nature so I decided to instead draw a two-headed snake interacting with the silver imposter.

At first, I wasn’t going to add color to this sketch because I wanted the snake drawings to be more similar to the hole punch, so simply using a pencil would help me achieve this, but after adding the details I had the idea to put the entire drawing under green light so that the silver hole punch could reflect the color. After I took my picture, I added a tongue and more green coloring to the hole punch via basic iPhone photo editing.