The Secret Language of Comics

Hair Experiment Chronicles

I started off by going on Canva and setting up my comic into 4 panels. Then I came up with the idea of what my comic would be about and came up with friends doing a hair experiment and it turns out to be a disaster. There wasn’t much challenging about this comic accept for having to set up all the images into one panel. It wasn’t much different from the triptych because they both had the same idea of having a beginning, conflict and end. Having to stretch the middle was different because I had to elaborate on the story so it extended into 4 panels. I choose to tell this story because I thought of hair horror stories where people go in and show the stylist a picture of the style they want and end up with a completely different outcome.

The Good Old Days

This assignment was a very interesting one because it made me build on the previous assignment, Triptych. I was thinking about my childhood and how as a child I always wanted to grow up and be an adult sooner. There were moments in my childhood which I took for granted and now being an adult with responsibilities I remember the “good ol days” when my only worry used to be if I was going to wake up in time to watch the Saturday morning cartoons. As a child I used to wish to grow up and now as an adult I sit and wish to go back to my childhood.

Anxiety Chart

This week I have been particularly busy and anxious so I decided to keep track of my feelings of anxiety and visualize it in order to better identify the sources and potentially improve my overall mental health.

The measurement is based on three types of anxiety: social, academic, and existential. Since I have been writing dairies on a daily basis for almost six years, it’s easy for me to keep track of the events and feelings during the day so I didn’t particularly change my way of recording and simply remind myself to include more details while writing.

Overall, I found that I usually enjoy Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday because I enjoyed the classes more and I was occupied by work so didn’t really have time to overthink. Thursday was my most anxious day because I was experiencing anxiety from all three perspectives, while on Friday and Saturday even though there were stressful events but they were balanced off by the enjoyment I got from other perspectives.

Through the assignment, I proposed several ways to lower my anxiety level: 1/take courses that you really enjoy and try to make friends in class 2/If Tue/Thu are usually stressful, leave sth fun to do on these days (like new episode of the radio) 3/try to avoid using social media when ur already stressed out by school work, and block your ex

Lady Luck

I found creating my quadriptych comic much easier than creating the triptych comic because having an additional comic square allowed me to tell a better story. Initially, I wanted to make a funny or clever comic, like the examples in the sketch 7 assignment post, but after brainstorming for a bit no ideas really worked out, so I did something more in my comfort zone and made a darker comic. I decided to compose the comic with the first 3 panels zooming out a little bit at a time until the third panel showed the full picture, and the fourth was the conclusion. My intended goal was to create a plot twist within the 4 frames to make a dark comic with a misleading beginning. I made the first two panels about the luck of ladybugs, in order to mislead the reader and make them believe that something lucky may happen, and then made the last 2 panels showcase the result of ignoring the sign of a lucky ladybug. This assignment, though not as challenging as the triptych comic, was still challenging for similar reasons: it’s hard to tell a complete story in so few panels. Having the middle act stretch across two panels rather than one made it much easier to include important details in my story, therefore allowing me to make the story more complex than the triptych comic because the additional panel allowed me to better build-up to the plot twist.

Wish Granted !

When creating this quadriptych, I had many ideas and stories that came to mind. Some of these stories were peculiar and finally settled on the genie one. What I like about this story, is that usually people would wish for power or wealth, but instead this person wished for his freedom, which I find great ! I was really hoping for a different ending rather than the most cliché ending, leaving readers to be in awe (I hope).

I understand that I did the comic wrong, and planning on re-doing it to fit it’s proper form !

Babbling Balkans

Over the course of the past few days, I have had more work than time to do work which is why I had to put this Sunday sketch off for a little. When I finally sat down in front of my sketchbook, which I recently ordered on Amazon as I figured it would come in handy for this class, I found that my mind had been completely drained of all creative inclinations. I had no idea what I wanted to draw or what story I wanted to tell, I think the fact that I was only limited to four squares made it more difficult. So I sat in front of a blank page for 30-45 minutes pretty much just thinking. I have no clue why I decided to take the route that I did (it likely has something to do with eastern Europe being in the news quite a bit lately), but I am happy with the result. I’m not sure if the joke is self-evident. Despite the fact that Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia are nations with significant cultural overlap and nearly mutually intelligible languages, they have a long violent history of infighting and genocide. The punchline is supposed to be ironic, though I am sure if I had more time I could have found a better way to deliver the same joke.

Sketch 7: Quadriptych

Bush Cricket Always has a Plan

Whether it is Quadriptych or Triptych, I prefer short comics to have a clear purpose such as making people laugh or giving a lesson. Hence, I wanted to make a funny piece and meanwhile remembered what my friend told me months ago about the reality of bush cricket in the novel. I did not know that bush crickets were carnivorous and expected others to be the same. I utilized the unexpected information in giving a twist at the end.

There were fewer challenges in making the Quadriptych than in the Triptych. I don’t think that it is because one’s easier than the other. I think the prior experience in making the Triptych actually facilitated the process of making a plot and drawing the characters for the Quadriptych.

For the extra space, rather than stretching the middle act, I was able to utilize it as a separate scene where the character Bush Cricket interacts with the reader rather than in the plot. At the same time, it combined with narration gives an unexpected information -a twist – making the comic much more interesting.

Pink Magnolia

For this assignment, I decided to practice this particular drawing style that I’m not familiar with: relying on fine black lines and trying to keep the drawing as simple as possible without any extra lines, thus creating a sense of aloofness. Over the weekend, I binge-watched several Japanese movies out of stress, and I guess the melancholic ambiance of these movies is somehow reflected in my work. The main idea of my quadriptych is a feeling I had ever since I was a child, that happiness never lasts very long, which is why whenever I felt unusually tranquil and lucky, I began to worry about its inevitable end and began to think: what if time could just stop at this moment.

Overall, I found drawing a quadriptych to be easier than a triptych, since having the extra panel allows me to create a more natural transition to a plot twist.

Home Sweet Home

It took me way longer than I expected to have an idea of what to draw, so I decided to make it simple. Given that I know my inability to draw something meaningful, apart from the typical house, human, and the usual painting, I decided to challenge myself and draw an airplane. The outcome was not as good as I anticipated, but I am happy with the improvement regardless.

I struggle a lot when it comes to having a story to tell. The challenging mainly lies in creating a story. The additional layer in my opinion made it easier for me to create two pictures and their opposites. I chose this story because it relates to me more than others.