The Secret Language of Comics

Hair Experiment Chronicles

I started off by going on Canva and setting up my comic into 4 panels. Then I came up with the idea of what my comic would be about and came up with friends doing a hair experiment and it turns out to be a disaster. There wasn’t much challenging about this comic accept for having to set up all the images into one panel. It wasn’t much different from the triptych because they both had the same idea of having a beginning, conflict and end. Having to stretch the middle was different because I had to elaborate on the story so it extended into 4 panels. I choose to tell this story because I thought of hair horror stories where people go in and show the stylist a picture of the style they want and end up with a completely different outcome.

LN Reflection

When writing this narrative, it wasn’t too hard to think of memories of reading or writing because that is what I spent most of my childhood anyways. I never realized how reading in general effected me but especially the memory of the school library room. It did not feel strange having to free write because that my go to writing method but I had to go back and make sure I included core details that were necessary to the memory. Looking back, I know I was always reading but it surprised me that when I reflected on why it didn’t click in my brain that it was because I was an only child and books introduced me to a new world. The most interesting sentence from my narrative would be “As a child you become so curious about the world and books provide a lot of insight and new ideas for the hound mind to store and interpret in their own way.” Most children are taught through videos or being on their iPad and its honestly sad to me that a lot of children have lost the amazing opportunity reading brings, to expand your knowledge and imagination.

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Packed Lite

Being that I pack my bag before each class, it is usually kept light and minimalist so I’m not carrying too much around. First, I start off with my essentials for class which includes my MacBook, my class specific notebook, and a pen. Aside from those things I have my basic necessities of my wallet, AirPods, water, and a mask. This image of what’s in my bag represents how much of a perfectionist and organized I am. When getting the things to put in this image, I decided on what I would pack based on if I was going to class. There wasn’t really anything challenging about creating this image, aside from feeling I don’t pack enough things in my bag but I don’t want it to be heavy. Representing myself through what’s in this bag may not be a type of writing for me since I barely carry anything in my day to day bag. Along with the fact that I don’t think my items are interesting or something descriptive.

The Typical Love Story

When crafting my narrative, I decided to come up with something that I can depict in only three panels which lead me to think about the love stories that are corny and show a non-realistic way of how people fall in love. It was challenging to think of the details that I should include to make sure the reader was able to easily follow and understand. Crafting this comic was different from my other work because it required me to put different aspects together such as the flower show and the typical walking off in the sunset so my story made sense. Also it was different having to add text so the pictures didn’t just speak for themselves.

Candy Cane on the Seaside

I choose this photo because at first I was going to use a lighthouse to make a different combination but then when I searched up light houses I saw this one and thought the design was similar to a candy cane so I decided to take this route instead. Challenges that I faced when making this photo was trying to get them to line up and while it still looks a mess to me, this was the best I could do lol. Hopefully, my vision is still clear though. My final image convey’s a candy cane lighthouse because while lighthouse are rarely acknowledged, candy canes are know as a Christmas necessity so together they create the perfect balance of purpose in society.

The Pinned Heart

The thinking process behind this sketch was trying to find something in my room that I felt I could make simple art with as I am not an advanced artist. I used hair pins I found to form a heart because thats the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about how I was going to arrange them. I then decided the heart was going to represent an actual human heart and thought about what many claimed made a perfect heart, hence the words inside of the heart. The design on the outside was to symbolize the space around the heart in the body and my idea of things around it that add to the perfection of having a truly healed heart.

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The Albino Lion

I choose this image of a albino make lion because it presents a rare, powerful animal that is well known but still overlooked. My astrological sign is a Leo which is represented by a Lion and are known for being arrogant along with overly confident, which is why I choose this badge. As a Leo, it feels good to always be seen as confident but a lot of times no one sees the struggle that comes with wanting to always look your best self such as always worry about not only how you perceive yourself but also how others perceive you. But when you are able to overcome this self pressure, it feels good to always been seen as powerful and strong. #sk1 #lion #kingofthejungle