The Secret Language of Comics

Assembly Of Class

I drew an assembly of a house to express what I learned this semester about as a writer and reader. It is a very basic idea, but it does a very good job of showing my time during this english course. The first step shows the foundation, which at the beginning of class was very minimal. However, as I read the assigned readings, I had a stronger understanding of what exactly a comic is and how its used as a medium. The second step is the building of the steps. I think that they represent how the assignments grew in difficulty. When I say difficulty, I mean that it took me a lot longer to start the assignments because it became a lot more of a challenge in terms of coming up with ideas to complete the Sunday sketch assignments and the literacy narratives. The third step helps represent that after every challenge there was a period of understanding. The 4th step represents being able to encompass everything that I have learned to be able to close off the class with assignments such as the Halfa Kucha. The fifth steps kind of represents how the comics read helped me visually and literary see how what I have learned in the previous steps come together in many forms.

Mix Tape

  1. Rompe – Daddy Yankee
  2. Me Parece – Los Acosta
  3. Superbowl – NBA YoungBoy
  4. I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS
  5. Missing My Baby – Selena
  6. One Dance – Drake, WizKid, Kyla
  7. Amorfoda – Bad Bunny
  8. Sensei – Caloncho
  9. No More Dream – BTS
  10. Ivy – Frank Ocean
  11. WUSYANAME – Tyler The Creator
  12. Contingo – Eskuela de las Calles
  13. Worth It – YK Osiris
  14. She Wolf – Shakira

My rhetorical situation was songs I’ll never get tired of. I chose songs that were played on loop during a certain time and that were forgotten until I listened to them again, which made me listen to them on loop again. I think that this mix conveys that things are not forgotten 100%. I had to go through my liked playlist which made me remember a lot of memories correlated with certain songs. I liked being able to see the change.

Halfa Kucha Reflection

Making my presentation was an easy task. However, I think I did not really consider the time limit, as I thought that if I spoke faster than usual it would be okay. When presenting, I had a hard time expressing my thoughts in 20 seconds for each slide since I tend to forget my thoughts often, so I speak slow. Besides this, I enjoyed the fast pace of the Halfa Kucha.

I decided to structure my presentation based on Judith Hermans categories that I took from the quotes in the directions page. I think that it really helped bring a storyline to the trauma in Sabrina and Kindred. Looking back on others presentations, I think that I could work on presenting in a more informative way. I think that I didn’t really get my argument in the way I intended to.

Little Rascals

I think this assignment was fairly easy. Although, I did have trouble finding a movie scene that was easy enough to recreate. But I did come across this alfalfa scene, where he’s planning on going on his date with Darla. I think for the most part I did good. I would say that the angle and face are not matching completely.


I chose to track my productivity. I used the categories: hrs spent on phone, motivation, naps, stress, hrs spent on academic work. I chose these as categories because they all affect how productive I can be. The question I was hoping to answer was: what has a greater influence on my productivity?

Based on my data, I tend to be unproductive on Fri-Sun. I think the main factor for this would be due to the fact that I do not have classes I need to attend, besides one. I do tend to get distracted a lot more on these days than on the weekdays. Another thing I noticed was that I do spend a lot of time on my phone than I would like. The longest time was around 6 hours. I hope to work on this habit. Although, I did think that the hours would’ve been a lot higher.

To answer the question, factor that has the most influence on me would be how motivated I was. This makes sense, because if I have to force myself to do something, it would be easy to distract myself by using my phone. I noticed it really influenced most of my other categories like stress.

If I were to continue this, I would focus on something other than my productivity. I would like to do something a lot more deeper, maybe something dealing with mental health related. I think that I could have taken this assignment a lot more seriously, maybe I would have learned something a lot more useful.

Reflection Part 3

The narrative literacy was an interesting way to complete the learning objectives for the class. I think that writing a narrative about our journey with books/writing and converting it into a comic allowed us to use different mediums to express these ideas. It did take various drafts, revisions, editing, and reflection that allowed me to write my final narrative. When creating the comic, I do think that having my peers look and give feedback on my draft was just as helpful as being able to see how they created theirs.

I think that turning the literary narrative into a visual narrative was pretty difficult, because you had to portray your story in both words and images that worked together. I think the most difficult part for me was knowing where to take my story, basically creating a storyline that works by using the literary narrative. Returning to the literary narrative after creating my comic was a lot more easier because I kind of knew what to include and what to rethink. It also helped make it more personal. I think the new narrative makes more sense to me than the first narrative. I think that I was thinking to hard on what to say the first time around.

Reflection Narrative Part 2

Turning my narrative into a comic was a process that consisted a lot of thinking. I think the first thing I did was just start drawing. I really wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, so it seemed like a good idea to start there. I started with the introduction of my narrative and then moved on to my actual relationship of books and how it changed. It was hard to know what you needed to include in both literay and visual representation. I think I could still improve in making my comic express what I want.

Bad Night

This assignment was not as difficult as drawing the triptych. Triptych and quadriptychs are pretty similar. A quadriptych is just making the middle part of the story. The idea came pretty quick to me after looking at a couple of comics by Nathan Pyle. Having the middle act stretch across two panels made story telling a little easier than in a triptych. I made this my story because it would be interesting if the moon and sun had thoughts and looked at what was going down in the world.

Reflection: Tracing Pages

My thesis was: Allison Bechdel and David Small analyze their parents’ life and visually portray their views of their parents but the reality of these situations is very unclear because it is all one perspective. Therefore, some stories are never fully understood, no matter how hard one digs and asks. No one can really understand another persons life without actually living it.

This assignment was pretty tough. I think that I made it hard on myself by choosing pages that were difficult to find similarities in. The tracing portion of this assignment was interesting because I did tend to think more about what is happening on the picture, relying more on what I saw rather than what I was being told. I was able to understand both texts better because of this. Coming up with an ABT thesis was a long process for me and the structure of the paper wasn’t relatively hard. I will say that it was rather confusing trying to combine everything and making it make sense.

I think that through this process I do understand the advantages of using a comic can have. I also began to see them as being more than just a superhero thing. Fun Home and Stitches were easier to understand the more I began to synthesize the pages. I realized that I was really only reading to know what they were talking about. I think that I began to see more of the resemblances and differences of these texts, such as how they both dealt with stubborn parents, death, and hardships of sexuality, but are very different people.

Did You See My Bag?


  • Laptop: Used to do work
  • Folder: holds random paper and worksheets
  • Calculator: math :/
  • Tablet: good for taking notes and watching background shows
  • Pen & Pencils: writing
  • Hand wipes: cleaning hands/tables
  • Hand Sanitizer: clean hands
  • Chargers: used when battery is low

This is a list of items that I generally tend to use for every class that I am in. I pack my bag in the morning to carry more class specific books. I usually keep items like my AirPods, phone, and keychain on my body most of the time. I think that it was nice to look at the things that I carry because I do tend to forget that I have some of the smaller items, like pens. I think that it was a pretty simple task to set down items, based on size and shape, in my bag to take a photo. There wasn’t anything that I found challenging about this assignment. I do think that you could say that this is a representation of myself, but a very vague one. I would say that it is not a type of writing because it is more visual than literary. Only about five words are visible in the picture alone, maybe if it had more words in the things present in the picture would I consider it a type of writing.