The Secret Language of Comics

Sketch 10: Mix Tape

Gloomy Night, Gloomy Song

To be honest, I hardly listened to the newest music recently and am unaware of the current hit songs. About 2 years ago, when I listened to music the most, I did follow the trend, knew various popular songs, and discovered even some Sound-Cloud songs from the underground singers/rappers, but not anymore.

However, from the time when I started listening to music, I had made about 5 playlists of which the first 2 mainly consisted of exciting songs and sad songs, which I listen to at the gym and on my bed at night, respectively. I remember I was listening to the second one for the majority of the time in the last two years in high school. As I became 12th grade, the academic expectations around me skyrocketed, and I was not able to play sports like before. Listening to sad emotional songs after finishing my work at night was one of the small ways I relieved my stress. Now, a year later from the time, I again often feel void and become emotional after finishing my work at night.

Hence, in today’s playlist, I picked from the previous playlists and composed it with songs that would comfort one’s gloomy night. The rhetorical situation is people’s gloom due to various reasons such as death, breaking up, unrequited loving, and many others that can be all consoled with this playlist.

The picture for the album cover is the view of the daybreak from my room which I took myself. I actually had used it as a background picture in sharing songs before. The dark buildings, orange border, and navy sky pointed by the wire still make me be lost in thought. Also, I thought the picture looked ambiguous, being either from dawn or from dusk, which also gives an mysterious impression of the time.

Mix For An Epic Boss Battle

The title of the page is also the title for the playlist I generated and below will be the track name and the artist that performed the song:

  1. Energy by Drake (Album: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late)
  2. Goin Bad by Meek Mill ft Drake (Album: Champions)
  3. As Real As It Gets by Lil Baby ft EST Gee (Single)
  4. Doja by $NOT ft A$AP Rocky (Single)
  5. STATS by Baby Keem (Album: DIE FOR MY BITCH)
  6. m.A.A.d. city by Kendrick Lamar ft MC Eiht (Album: good kid, m.A.A.d city)
  7. Runnin by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin (Album: Savage Mode II)
  8. R.I.P. by Playboi Carti (Album: Die Lit)
  9. 2 Hot 4 U by Fat Nick ft $uicideboy$ (Album: When The Lean Runs Out)
  10. 1000 Rounds by Pouya ft Ghostemane (Single)
  11. #IMSIPPINTEAINYOHOOD by XXXTentacion (Single)
  12. Money so big by Yeat (Album: Up 2 Me)
  13. Mannequin by Pop Smoke ft Lil TJay (Meet the Woo 2)
  14. Grabba Remix by Ron Suno ft DUSTY LOCANE (Single)
  15. EA by Yung Nudy ft 21 Savage (Album: SlimeBall 2)
  16. Mase in ’97 by Carnage and Lil Yachty (SIngle)
  17. Nuketown by Ski Mask the Slump God ft Juice WRLD (Album STOKELY)
  18. Champion by Kanye West (Album: Graduation)

When first approaching this assignment, I thought it was going to be easy cause I know hundreds of songs and the only thing I would have to think about is the topic or concept of the mixtape. I would refer back to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II (my favorite Marvel movies of all time) and I started to think back to the soundtrack, or in this case, as it was titled, Awesome Mix Vol. I. It was all music from the 60s and 70s, and although the movie setting was in the future, it was able to flow so well with the premise of the movie.

When creating this paylist, I had so many mind blocks because I was trying to not use the same artist twice (if they are featured in the song it does not count) all while trying to convey that similar tone/ sound the beat of the song has. I was thinking (if I were to be in a boss battle, how would it be ? What certain sings would I want to play) and the first genre I looked into was Hip-Hop/Rap. That specific genre has a lot of upbeat, intricate melodics that can for sure fill the mood of the playlist. I started of thinking of songs that sound aggressive and such. Thus, all the tracks in the playlist have to be rap. Although the last song is not as hype and aggressive compared to the others, the song Champion by Kanye West is what I imagined would be playing once the final boss has been defeated !

For the playlist cover, I decided to use a picture of my friends and I “posted up” on a BMW i8 because that picture fills the mood of the playlist in my opinion. It is Hip-Hop eccentric and a great photo overall.

Here is the link to the playlist and I apologize for the amount of inappropriate language within these songs ! But I hope you all enjoy it !

A Long Flight Mixtape

Given that music is not really something I regularly listen to, I found it difficult to make a playlist that connects to me. However, connecting to a specific scenario, a long flight, eased the process for me. I decided to make a playlist that reminds me of home, especially being thousands of miles away from home. In this playlist, I featured solely Saudi and Arab Gulf (mostly Riyadh-based) artists to remind me of where I came from. The featured image is set a few miles away from where I live, Riyadh’s Boulevard, locally known as the Times Square rip-off.

A playlist you use when you want to sit and think about life


  1. Birthplace – Novo Amor
  2. Aziyat 2.0-Reprise Version — Pratsofficial
  3. older – Nightly
  4. How to Save a Life – The Fray
  5. Trouble – Lissom, Julien Marchal, Lowswimmer
  6. i don’t wanna know – GOLDHOUSE, Mokita
  7. CHICKEN TENDIES – Clinton Kane
  8. Drown – Dabin, Mokita
  9. London – Mokita
  10.  Otra Noche Sin Ti – J Balvin, Khalid
  11. Jia – Omar Mukhtar
  12. Home – Cavetown
  13. been thinkin’ – Hikes

This sketch assignment was extremely interesting to do because I generally enjoy making playlists be it for the studying mood or the shower. However, I put more thought into this playlist and the music is relatively slow. I picture someone listening to this playlist on the beach when the sun is setting or enjoying a scenic view while resting in a chair. The songs that I have included in this playlist are those which may prompt an individual to reflect on situations or their daily life in general. This playlist could also be used to study as it is currently also finals season.

For Night Vibes-Mix Tape

As a person who listens to many songs, I have various playlists for different situations. There are playlists that I listen to when I work out, study, and relax. For this playlist, the rhetorical situation I am engaging with is the emotions I have at night, and I’ll never get tired of. Usually, at night people tend to get emotional. During this time, I like to listen to this playlist, remain rational, and stay motivated. In order for the songs to be part of this playlist, they should contain catchy and meaningful lyrics. 

The album cover is a picture of a view from my house, which has a beautiful skyline at night. Even though it’s not the best photo to represent “night,” I chose to use it as the cover of my playlist as it is one of my favorite photos and represents the colors of my songs being dark but also bright. 

The full version of the playlist is about 2 hours, but I had to cut it down as half of it contained Korean songs. 

Adventure Seeking Mix Tape

Spotify Playlist: A Mix For My Good Friend Who Wants to Live in the Woods

I accumulated songs into a playlist that I thought would convey a sense of adventure. There are Irish musical ensembles, various folk music, songs dating back to the 1600s, songs from The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones are all found within the playlist. There are thirteen songs in total amounting to 46 minutes and 31 seconds. Creating this playlist was a very enjoyable task for me. I am always looking forward to creating playlists for specific purposes in life:

  1. playlists for study sessions before exams
  2. playlists for when exams go downhill
  3. playlists for when you walk without a destination
  4. playlists for music that reminds me of home

My Ultimate Mixtape – Ethan Cohen

For this playlist, I decided to find songs that struck some of the deepest chords within me, in a positive, beautiful way. However, in order for a song to have a significantly deep affect on me personally, it needs to have pensive undertones of confusing sadness. These songs are so beautiful that they are positive, yet so beautiful that they could make one contemplate in a brutally honest way: these songs shed light on the sorrows that one hides under the surface in a distracted world. They are colorful, poetic expressions of emotions, of a auditorily-captured unleashing into ones’ unapologetically shameless soul. This playlist is comprised in a chronologically progressively more intense and emotional ordering. It starts off in a subtle, magical melodic epic, then ventures into simplicity, then the spark of the fire lights up, honesty comes pouring, until an intense climax, ending on a positive optimism to wrap up the playlist. I found this playlist to be an almost circular rollercoaster of relating songs that lead to a seamless transition of emotive listening.

Playlist for Reading

In this playlist, I included songs that help me stay focused. All the songs included in the playlist are instrumental with only two exceptions: one in the middle that serves as an intermission, and one as the ending. I try to make it more diverse as possible, but most of them have a melancholic, nostalgic, and calming quality —- like the painting I used as the cover, Jean-François Millet’s The Sheepfold, Moonlight

Usually, I prefer to study in silence, especially when I’m working on assignments that require active engagement in thinking and “producing”, like writing essays or doing math homework. However, music becomes a necessary companion when I’m reading for a really long time or studying in a place where people are talking so I could stay focused. 


さようならのうみー星野源 (sa yo na ra no u mi- hoshino gen)

  • A pop-song writer and singer, but I found this instrumental work in his first album to be particularly loathing and serves perfectly well as an intro that naturally invites the audience into a dreamy world. 

Nocturnes, Op.9 -No.1 in B-Flat Minor/ Chopin, Arthur Rubinstein

Nocturnes, Op.9 -No.2 in E-Flat Major/ Chopin, Arthur Rubinstein

Consolation No.3 / Franz Liszt, Vladimir Horowitz

  • Some classics that always work to calm you down. I put them at the beginning of the list since it’s always much harder to transit into your working mode when you first sit down and begin to work. 

年輪 ‎- 朝川朋之(nenrin-asakawa tomouki)

  • Incorporating traditional eastern instruments and sounds of nature, this piece always feels like a cooling breeze. Put it here after the three western classical pieces to refresh your mind. 

おかえりー岡村孝子 (okaeri- okamura takako)

  • Intermission—remind the audience to take a break. Nostalgic and cozy, this song always reminds me of the background music played in my kindergarten. 

エトランゼ (Tanaya mix) – スピッツ (etoranza – Spitz) 

  • My favorite band of all time. This is one of their only instrumental songs. Even though I’m not a big fan of electronic music, this experimental piece has been miraculously effective in keeping me to stay focused and become productive, so I put it here as the first song in PART II. 

Vampurity – 岩井俊二 (Iwai Shunji)

  • One of the most famous Japanese movie directors, but also really good at composing. I realized that for me, melancholic songs are far more effective in bringing me into the mood of reading than merry ones, which is why this playlist might turn out to be quite sentimental and sorrowful. 

After the Rain 日向敏文 (Hinata Toshifumi)

  • As its title suggests, it’s an “after the rain” song. Light-hearted yet not so exciting that will disrupt my reading. Feels like someone joyfully jumping through the water paddles alone after heavy rain. 

First Step – Peter J. Malmsjo

  • A sad song again. 

雨だれ – 坂本龙一 (Ryuichi Sakamoto)

  • Probably one of the most popular Japanese composers. This particular piece is less well-known but I quite like it. Especially the opening.

Reflections –  日向敏文 (Hinata Toshifumi)

  • A song that feels like “the last dance song before parting”.

Humming Water – 吉村弘 (Hiroshi Yoshimura)

  • Lots of natural sounds, in particular, various sounds of water: dripping, flowing, rippling. 

I Will – The Beatles 

  • The ending should be something cheerful and calming so that you could sum up the courage to launch another session of studying and tackle your problems. 

Mix Tape

  1. Rompe – Daddy Yankee
  2. Me Parece – Los Acosta
  3. Superbowl – NBA YoungBoy
  4. I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS
  5. Missing My Baby – Selena
  6. One Dance – Drake, WizKid, Kyla
  7. Amorfoda – Bad Bunny
  8. Sensei – Caloncho
  9. No More Dream – BTS
  10. Ivy – Frank Ocean
  11. WUSYANAME – Tyler The Creator
  12. Contingo – Eskuela de las Calles
  13. Worth It – YK Osiris
  14. She Wolf – Shakira

My rhetorical situation was songs I’ll never get tired of. I chose songs that were played on loop during a certain time and that were forgotten until I listened to them again, which made me listen to them on loop again. I think that this mix conveys that things are not forgotten 100%. I had to go through my liked playlist which made me remember a lot of memories correlated with certain songs. I liked being able to see the change.