The Secret Language of Comics

Sketch 9: Recreate a movie scene

Well-Placed Jaehyuk

For recreating a movie scene for Sketch 9, it was really hard to decide on a movie scene in the first place. I wanted it to be something that I was an ordinary person could imitate but have the element that I can give as a point that indicates the scene that I am referring to. To me, it was the film Parasite. I asked my sister for help and with consent took a picture in the garden. Also, I added mosaic-like rectangles to cover the eyes like in the poster. As a side note, the reason behind the covered eyes in the poster is considered to veil the emotion of each character. Also, the white and black colors represent the rich and the poor. The best part of the assignment was that I got my own meme from it.

A Nutter Butter Break Up

The most challenging part of this assignment was finding a movie scene I could recreate. A lot of my initial ideas required multiple people or specific clothing that I couldn’t find good matches for in my own closet. I ended up settling on this break-up scene from legally blonde. I also struggled to take the picture because there was nothing I could set my phone on to achieve the correct angle. Overall I’d say that I did pretty well despite having to swap out the box of chocolates for a tray of nutter-butters. 

Sketch 9

Lights, Camera, Action (or Dance) !

For this assignment, the prompt was to recreate a movie scene and when first reading the prompt, I thought of many of my favorite movies I would like to recreate. I then landed on Guardians of the Galaxy, my favorite Marvel movie of time. When thinking of what scene could be best recreated, I thought about one of the most iconic scenes: the dancing ones. I am not a dancer myself but I was able to just hold a pose of what Peter Quill is doing. I used my AirPod case as the rat Peter Quill is holding and my friend’s jacket to resemble the jacket he always wears.

What gave me the idea to use this specific movie scene was just realizing how exhilarating the scene was when he was dancing and such. I really enjoyed that scene when first watching the movie, and being able to recreate it was great ! The process behind it was just trying to not be camera shy but other than that everything was straight forward !

“Here’s Johnny!”

The Shining (1980) Here’s Johnny Scene Recreation

Recreating this movie scene was easy and efficient. It required the participation of only one person and low equipment needed (a door frame and door). In an iconic movie scene from the evolutionary psychology thriller written by Stephen King and directed by Stanley Kubrick, Jack Nicholson’s face covers the entirety of the camera frame as he descends more and more into madness.

The Great Moon

When I first looked at the assignment, I thought of movies I liked, such as Joker, Batman, and Star Wars. However, as these movies required extra costumes with facial makeup, I decided to choose a different one. As a result, I chose the scene from ‘The Great Gatsby’ where Leonardo DiCaprio holds his drink and smiles at the party. Even though this wasn’t my favorite movie, I chose this scene because as I was looking in my closet for clothes to wear, I saw the suit that I had only worn once this year. This made me decide to wear the suit for this project and eventually choose this scene from The Great Gatsby. I found this assignment to be very fun as I got the opportunity to wear the suit that I brought all the way from Korea.

Yousef of Arabia

T.E. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
Yousef (2022)

After days of thinking about a scene to recreate, I finally gave up and decided to recreate a scene that of a movie that I despise, Lawrence of Arabia, since it is what makes more sense to recreate. While I did not have everything to master the recreation, I did my best to imitate him, of which using a cake slicer instead of the traditional Khanjar Arabs were using to protect themselves.

Little Rascals

I think this assignment was fairly easy. Although, I did have trouble finding a movie scene that was easy enough to recreate. But I did come across this alfalfa scene, where he’s planning on going on his date with Darla. I think for the most part I did good. I would say that the angle and face are not matching completely.

Indian Jones

The Indiana Jones series is one of my favorite movie franchises. This scene has always stuck out to me and I thought it would be an easy scene to replicate. It was fun perusing through my closet trying to find the perfect outfit (though not really that perfect) and setting up the entire scene.

Sunday Sketch: Recreate a Movie Scene

Although this is not a perfect match, I love this scene in Home Alone when Kevin screams. I somehow do not own a red shirt and I could not get the facial expression quite right. I found this assignment to be very fun and in a way challenging. There were so many different scenes from different movies that I could have chosen, but I liked this one the best.