The Secret Language of Comics

Lost Child of Arabia

As a 8-year-old addict of video games, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 significantly increased my addiction, causing me to wake up early and sleep late just to play as much time as humanly possible for a 8-year-old.

The game’s storyline, though fictional, have had massive effects on me as a child, especially given the messages it sends to its player base. In this sketch (which is hopefully considered as one), I try to portray the child version of myself, the fan of that game who consequently viewed the world in the eyes of the game, MW2.

The controller resembles my head (or at least is supposed to) and the rest of the drawing represents the way in which we were portrayed in the eyes of the game’s directors. The “Remember, No Russian” was added to mention a mission that is considered one of the most controversial ones in the history of game-making, where you join Makarov, the game’s villain, as a spy killing hundreds of civilians in an airport. Now, one could imagine how this played in a 8-year-old’s mind. Lastly, the blurriness in the mosque and the red white and blue on my (supposed-to-be) body are intended to show how lost I was as a child, viewing the world through the lenses of an average Joe.

p.s. this is my first drawing in such a very, very long time. To avoid its horrendous-ness try to view it as an idea and not as a sketch.

Happy Accidents

I saw these 3D glasses randomly lying on my desk and I thought they would be perfect to use in my sketch. I first broke the two arms of the glasses and then fashioned a face around them. I thought this would be a simple drawing just of a guy using these glasses but then I decided to give him a neck tattoo. This addition to the drawing is extremely random but I feel like it’s cool because its such a random yet simple tattoo i.e a stick figure man jumping on a trampoline. I also made this tattoo to show that sometimes people make mistakes i.e in this case getting a neck tattoo but at the end of the day he is still happy and just content to be himself.

Three’s a crowd

Single-hole punchers have always looked like some type of animal to me. The side responsible for punching the holes makes a perfect mouth and the little screw where the 2 sides connect makes a great eye. Coming up with an idea for this assignment wasn’t difficult because I simply had to decide which animal a hole punch reminds me of most, and today, that animal was a snake. More specifically, I was imagining a snake with one head and two tails. Snakes like this don’t actually exist in nature so I decided to instead draw a two-headed snake interacting with the silver imposter.

At first, I wasn’t going to add color to this sketch because I wanted the snake drawings to be more similar to the hole punch, so simply using a pencil would help me achieve this, but after adding the details I had the idea to put the entire drawing under green light so that the silver hole punch could reflect the color. After I took my picture, I added a tongue and more green coloring to the hole punch via basic iPhone photo editing.

Drive Me To The Moon !

I present to you … a racecar in outer space ! How I came up with this idea was actually last minute and this is what went down: I was originally going to use my AirPods but I couldn’t figure out what to draw, or how to utilize it. As I was generating new ideas, I noticed my friend had triangular ruler and when I saw it I was like “I can use it as a slide and draw a park !”

I later asked my friend if I was able to use her ruler and she said yes. Upon drawing the line for the foundation of the park, I realized the ruler took up a lot of the paper’s space. As I looked at it, I noticed that it was in the form of a racecar and then I rolled with it ! I later wanted to implement space because why not !

The Pinned Heart

The thinking process behind this sketch was trying to find something in my room that I felt I could make simple art with as I am not an advanced artist. I used hair pins I found to form a heart because thats the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about how I was going to arrange them. I then decided the heart was going to represent an actual human heart and thought about what many claimed made a perfect heart, hence the words inside of the heart. The design on the outside was to symbolize the space around the heart in the body and my idea of things around it that add to the perfection of having a truly healed heart.

Link to assignment:

Paperback Rider

I have been collecting and fiddling with playing cards for a few years, so naturally, I brought a deck to Idaho, where I am staying before the in-person semester begins. Before settling on using a playing card in my sketch, though, I fiddled with the idea of using a Banana to parody the famous The Velvet Underground & Nico album cover designed by Andy Warhol. However, I eventually decided that that idea was too derivative, and I would struggle to incorporate aspects of my own design.

My vision for the playing card was self-explanatory. Playing cards are meant to be held, so naturally, I drew a hand and placed the bicycle deck’s iconic Joker design appropriately according to the fingers’ grasp. I derived my hand from a handful of stock images, though I did not directly trace it. Frankly, to my own surprise, my hand turned out far better than I expected. I also wanted to incorporate an element of playfulness and dimension in my sketch so I included a rainbow bracelet naturally placed over the hand’s wrist. Initially, I wanted to use a gambling reference to name the sketch but could not settle on one that felt fitting or creative enough. I settled on a Beatle’s pun; Paperback Rider is a reference to the song Paperback Writer. I replaced the word writer with rider in reference to the joker’s iconic bicycle, and of course, the medium for my sketch was paper, thus paperback.

Eye of Ra Ra Ah Ah Ah

For this object, I took the original idea of trying to use an object to capture the object it is related to in its entirety. In this instance, I tried multiple times to turn the capo for a guitar into the framework of a drawing of an actual guitar. However, due to this item’s unique shape, this proved more difficult than I thought. So then I looked carefully at the image, and saw the Eye of Ra as clear as day. Once I knew the overall shape, the difficulty lied in lining things up correctly. It proved to be more strikingly accurate than I thought, acting as if the item was made to copy the actual Egyptian symbol, or as if I used no object at all.

Futuristic Car

The object that I used was my gaming mouse. When deciding what I would use for the Sunday sketch, I wanted to choose something that I use a lot in my daily life. Therefore when I looked at my desk, I found my gaming mouse and decided to use it as my object. When looking at my model, I recognized that its side looked like the BMW X6 model, where the car’s ceiling is bent at the back. After choosing to draw a car, I planned to sketch a car driving on a highway at night with buildings in the background. However, as a person that likes nature and wants to live in a place in the future where nature and buildings coexist which each other, I sketched trees and bushes with a building in the background. I made sure to draw the car’s wheels and try to express the buttons on the side of the mouse to appear as the windows. The design of the building was motivated by a typical building that can be seen in Seoul, South Korea. I really enjoyed this project because it has been a long time since I’ve sketched something. Also, it was fun using my critical thinking ability to see objects around me artistically and turn them into a piece of art despite my poor drawing skills.