The Secret Language of Comics

Tennessee School Board Bans Maus

Conservative officials across the United States have been removing books by people of color and LGBTQI+ from curricula and school libraries at an alarming rate recently and now they have come for Maus by Art Spiegelmann, which we discussed on the first day of class this semester.

Here is a two-page comic that Art Spiegelmann drew for the New Yorker a couple of decades ago about his conversation with the renowned children’s book author Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are and countless other classic books)

From the New Yorker, September 27, 1997.

The executive editor at Dutton Books for Young Readers, Andrew Karre tweeted the comic above with the powerful statement, “Protection from history, protection from the other, protection from the intricacies of the spectrum of human identity—all of these ‘protections’ inevitably extract a toll on the protected and, most acutely, on those children cast outside the walls of the ‘quaint and succulent.'”