Kindred prewriting

  • Octavia Butler said in an interview about her writing “fiction writers can’t be too pedagogical or too polemical” so she pursues a route to her readers’ heads through their guts and nerves. How do you see her provoking emotional responses for you?
  • Kindred is a first-person slave narrative written in, and partially set in, late 20th century America. Why? How is this novel relevant now? What does she want her 21st century readers to think about and consider? If she only wanted us to think about the atrocities of slavery, then there would be no need to have her protagonist travel back and forth through time.

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  1. – I think they work pretty well for making me more engaged. The way in which she provokes emotional responses has definitely helped in not just making me engaged, but more connected to the story.

    – The society still suffer from effects slavery has caused. Thus, it is still relevant to this day to talk, write, and draw about something so essential in the making of the society.

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