Week Ahead: 5

  2/6   Sketch 4: Combophoto
5 2/8 Fun Home — chpts 1 (Old Father, Old Artificer) and 2 (A Happy Death)  
  2/10 Fun Home — chpts 3 (That Old Catastrophe) & 4 (In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower)  
  2/13   Sketch 5: Triptych

For the sketch assignment this week, you simply need to combine two photos together to create a new thing. This is an exercise in inductive thinking, which we talked about when we discussed Randy Olson (thesis + antithesis = synthesis). There is no need for fancy photo editing. Simply crop two photos into rectangles and line them up with each other. The photo editing skills are *very* minimal. However, what this sketch really asks of you is to think visually and creatively. Give yourself some time to find photos that you can combine.

Here are two examples from students in past classes, in case the ones in the sketch assignment prompt seem too fancy to follow.

This week, we’ll dive into Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel. Particularly for our first class discussion, pay attention to similarities and differences between this book and Stitches. Remember our discussion of how David Small introduced setting and characters? How does Bechdel do that? How would you describe the similarities and differences in the visual and narrative tones in the two books?

For the sketch assignment on 2/13, you’ll make a comic strip with a beginning, middle, and end. Have you noticed the pattern of progression of the sketch assignments from avatar to combophoto to triptych?

Note: I moved back the deadline for the literacy narrative part 2. But you should be working on your comics drafts!

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