A note on Zoom etiquette and moving to in person

According to the current plans, during the week ahead we’ll be transitioning from Zoom services to meeting in person, starting with our class on February 1.

We’ll meet in the Callaway Building room S103 (here’s a link to that building on the official Emory map and here’s a link to that building on Google maps). Note that the Callaway Building is kind of confusing — it used to be two different buildings that were combined together and that history lives on in the room numbering. The S in the room number means it’s on the south side of the building so our classroom is in the section of the building that is located right along the quad, not on the side of the building that is closer to the Modern Languages building, Tarbutton Hall, and beyond those over to Woodruff gym (rooms on that side of the building are marked with N for north).

While we’re still on Zoom, let me remind you of this statement in the “Netiquette” section of our Policies page: “I’d like for you to keep your videocamera on when you can during class discussions, though I understand that there are plenty of reasons to mute your camera at times and you’re always authorized to make that decision when you need to.” You are empowered to make decisions about turning your videocamera off when we’re on Zoom, but I really appreciate if you’d default to keeping your camera on when you can — teaching to a room full of blank boxes is difficult and draining. I do strongly encourage you to load a photo to your Zoom profile (help on how to edit your Zoom profile), preferably a photo of you, but honestly any sort of photo that represents you in some way would be better than just a blank black box when you turn your camera off.

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