Student Conferences

I promised on Tuesday that I would publish a sign up sheet for conferences. I’m sorry that I was slower than I said I would be but that list is not posted and ready for you to claim times to meet with me. There’s a Google doc called Conference Sign Up Form for ENGRD101 in the shared Google Drive folder for this class (same folder where the shared class notes are kept). I also posted the link to our Slack channel.

I’m not embedding the form here because the Zoom link for conferences is included at the top of the sheet and I want to avoid publishing that link publicly for security purposes. The Zoom link is also in our Slack channel.

I’ve listed basically every free half-hour in my schedule from tomorrow until Thursday 2/10. If none of the times listed works for you, then send me a message on Slack or email and we can schedule something individually, probably for the week after that but I’m really hoping that everyone can find something that works from the list provided.

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