Week ahead: 8

8 3/1 Sabrina — 101- 157 Literacy Narrative, part 2
3/3 Sabrina –158-204
3/6 Data gathering for sketch 8

Last week of classes before spring break!

This week we’ll finish reading and discussing Sabrina. As I said in class yesterday, as you move into the second half of the book, pay attention to whether there are signs of healing in the book. We’ve spent a lot of time this semester talking about trauma and difficult moments, but where do we see growth and recovery as well? If you see signs of recovery in Sabrina, how do they compare with what you saw in Stiches and Fun Home?

If you haven’t already published your Tracing Pages assignment, please be sure to get in touch with me and let me know when to expect it. You should publish your literacy narrative comics this week too. Do glance ahead at the sketch 8 prompt so you can begin planning for it and start collecting data as soon as you get back from spring break.

Note that I have tried to front-load your work this semester as much as possible, which is why there’s this crunch before spring break. Once we get back from spring break, you’ll still have reading and sketches to do but only one more major project — your halfa kucha presentations in class — before we wrap up your portfolios for the semester.

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